Welcome to your Set - 20

Choose the right use of tense. We were watching the news when the telephone ----
In many ways, riding a bicycle is similar to –
We look forward ____ a response from you.
If a person cannot stop taking drugs, he is –
After food has been dried or canned ___ for laterconsumption.
Despite being a brilliant scientist, he does not seem to get his ideas across.
He gave up --- football when he got married.
He had a terrible headache and--------with pain.
Apparently, Suchi-----------married in May--but she hasn't invited me!
The cyclist---------he crossed the main street.
The sun was shining, but the ground was very wet. It ------- raining.
He said that he _______ the previous day.
Choose the correct sentence.
The structure of the following sentence is: They made Karim the captain.
He has been ill ______ Monday last.
Which one is present perfect tense?
How many eggs have your hens ____ this month?
The doctor______after the patient had died.
The baby______because it is hungry now.
He______before he was put in prison.