Welcome to your Set - 19

‘In black and white’ means---
‘Take one to tasks’ means--
Out of sight, out of ____.
'Rack and Ruin' means-
‘once in blue moon’ means--
What is the meaning of the phrase ‘come into force’?
Always look before you---.
"to be or not to be", that is the__.
What does ‘capital punishment’ mean---
In case---fire, leave the building.
‘Hire a man’ means--
‘Bring to book’ means---
We were waiting for the bus. The underlined part is.
‘Take one to tasks ’ means--
A snake In the grass.
The phrase ‘At a stretch’ means:
“Nip in the bud” means-----
To blaze trail
The idiom “A stitch in time saves nine”--- refers the importance of----