Welcome to your Set - 17

My friend---yesterday.
The past participle form of the verb ‘’flow’’ is---------------
The verb of the word 'short' is ____________.
Every driver must be held__________ his own actions
The intensive search was conducted by the detectives to locate those criminals who ‒ .
The speaker failed to make the audience to __ him patiently. Which of the following is the correct verb form in the blank above?
I don’t mind _____with the cooking but I am not going to was the dishes.
Although a few years ago the fundamental fact about the Milky Way seemed fairly well________ now even its mass and radius have come into ______
He knew it was a avery _______operation, but he was determined to carry it out .
No one can _ that he is clever.
Walking in the morning is good for health. Walking is ______ (gerund)
The tense of a verb is mainly related to---- (time)
He stopped his car ______when the light turned red. (abruptly)
It is imperative that you _____ the person. ( are)
Trees have_____off their leaves. (cast)
The verb of the word 'short' is ______. ( shorten)
The team is __ eleven players. (made up of)
Choose the correct verb form:
Each of the Olympic athletes_______for months, even year.