Welcome to your Question - 5

Commencement of words with the same letter is--
N.B. means-
A person who studies the scientific development of language is a---
‘An extrovert’ is a person who-
‘Flora’ means--
What is the meaning of the word ‘inter alia’?
‘Ring master’ is a person in charge of--
A person who is skilled in foreign languages---
‘Corpus’ means---
One who is a specialist in heart and its diseases is--
A person who sells fruits and vegetable-
‘Cock pit’ means-
One who studies and treats the diseases of the eye---
‘Misogynist’ means--
Study of life in outer space is known as--
One who commits antisocial acts without guilt or pangs of conscience is called--
Ability to read and write is---
One who is pathologically self interested is called----
What is the meaning of ‘soft soap’?
Pertaining to handwriting as an artistic expression is---