Welcome to your Question - 2

Choose the correct statement.
Which sentence of the following is correct?
I am looking forward________________you.
The winner of the competition was______with a cheque of TK. 50000.
The train was_____from leaving because of a signal failure.
It is always_____when you misunderstand the customs of other countries.
Which one is an incorrect sentence?
Prices for bicycles can run______Tk. 2000.00
Choose the incorrect options: Sharing corporate stocks with employees can be an effective way to promote harmonious, efficiency and equitability in the workplace.
Choose the correct meaning of the following words:: Gullible
If you rewrote the sentence beginning with beginning with He succeded, what should the next words in the sentence be?
It is high time we_____our eating habits.
In which of the sentences can "since" be replaced by because?
Planned parenthood may describe itself as a hearth organization, Real but in it is an Ideological outfit
Which of the word or words are wrong. Every man or women should vote their vote.
You may accept the job on offer____you may wait for a better job. Use correct linkers.
The teachers were talking about a trip to see castles and the students were wondering---
He lived very____with his wife for many years.
I’ll be with you in____.
The discovery of penicillin was a_____discovery.