Welcome to your Question - 4

-- Bay of Bengal is to the south of Bangladesh.
-- Bengalees are intelligent but idle.
-- Boeing 707 landed in time.
-- english is an international language.
-- Gobi is situated in Mongolia.
-- Kindness is a great virtue.
-- Mediterranean sea is one of the busiest sea.
-- Passage to India is written by E.M. Forster.
--- sun rises in the east.
-- virtuous are happy.
-- water of the Ganges is sacred.
-- Woman is man's mate.
A person who writes about his own life writes --autobiography.
Ahmedabad is -- Manchester of India.
--Airport is a busy place.
Always speak --truth.
Always try to sit on --fence.
Bankimchandra is -- Scott of Bengal.
Better an empty house than --ill tenant.
--Bible is destined for Christians.