Welcome to your English Literature 4

How did W. H. Auden describe poetry?
Sassoon and Brooke wrote what kind of poetry?
Where did T. S. Eliot spend most of his childhood?
Ted Hughes was married to which American poetess?
How old was Rupert Brooke at the time of his death?
In what form did Dylan Thomas's 'Under Milk Wood' first become known?
The magazine 'Contemporary Poetry and Prose' was inspired by which exhibition?
Why did 'Poetry Quarterly' cease publication in 1953?
Aldous Huxley was a poet, but was better known as what?
Of which poet was it said 'Even if he's not a great poet, he's certainly a great something'?
Where were the pilgrims going in the canterbury tales?
in which language the stories of canterbury tale are written?
chaucer's franklin was guilty of which sin?
How many languages did chaucer know?
from which language the name ''chaucer'' has been driven?
chaucer was imprisoned during----------------------?
How many children chaucer had?
Which people began their invasion and conquest of southwestern Britain around 450?
Words from which language began to enter English vocabulary around the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066?
Which hero made his earliest appearance in Celtic literature before becoming a staple subject in French, English, and German literatures?
In English if two different words have the same spelling and pronunciation, they are called---
A habitat is a---
A person who works seriously and with care---
Gustatory image is related with---
A person who knows many languages, is called----
A tax paid to the government, especially on things you import into a country, is a---
‘’Mutation’’ is the process---
An ‘Ombudsman’ is--
‘A short speech by a player at the end of a play’ is called---
‘Police state’ means a country where---
Dogs bark, what do horses do?
A judgment made before all the facts are known must be called---
An unmarried woman is called---
What is the meaning of the expression ‘bottom line’’?
A speech full of too many words is---
‘Paediatric’’ relates to the treatment of---
What is the meaning of the word ‘’euphemism’’
‘Plebiscite’’ is a term related to---
The term ‘’lingua franca’’ is related to---
‘Three score’ is----