Welcome to your English Grammar - 4

Can you draw any _________ from his analysis?
What is the opposite gender of 'lad"?
What is the plural of 'sheep’?
Pioneer of Romanticism is/are-
A poem of fourteen lines is called –
Nota bene’ means
Which one is correct?
In the word "hypersensitive' the prefix ‘hyper' means-
Telling lies ______ a great sin.
Times have changed and so ___.
Peter can’t go and I can’t ________.
What does the word e-mail means?
Write the meaning of the word ‘waive’.
What is the meaning of the word “Deamess”?
Give the serial order in which the following words will come in the dictionary.
Trace the odd pair in the following
Which word is of different class in the following?
Which is not a reptile?
Which one is in the singular number?
Don’t make noise while your father _________.