Welcome to your English Grammar- 3

If I ____a bicycle, I____ride it every day
If the second day of the month is a Monday, the eighteenth day of the month is a ________.
Shaheen would never have taken the job if ________ what great demand it would make on his
She would not talk to you if she -------- mad at you.
We would help you if we ---------- how.
If she ---------- the bus, she would not have arrived on time.
Which is the correct sentence?
The film was directed in the director’s usual ________style.
Identifying correct sentence:
The principal reason for our failure was quite apparent to those whom we had brought into
the venture.
‘Writing is better than reading’-Negative form of this sentence is----
Let us begin by looking at the minutes of the meeting. Here the underlined word means---
I didn't find any difference with these two samples.
The small child does whatever his father was done.
This form will give you information that you need.
She behaved as though she was superior and looked down on the others.
He said, every man should look up the future.
This car is belonging to me for two years.
We had to move slowly and carefully to our seats for avoiding stepping in their toes.
You are requested to take out your shoes before entering.