Welcome to your English grammar-2

‘Take one to tasks’ means-
The best passive form of the sentence “I don’t like idle people.”
Give the correct passive form of ‘My teacher embodies all the good qualities.’
It is important that the admission office ____ your registration.
The tense of a verb is mainly related to-
His uncle arrived while he ____ the dinner.
New programs will be ____ next week in Bangladesh Television.
He tried to make it appear that she ____ suicide.
____ him yet?
Choose the correct sentence.
He ____ to see us if he had been able to.
If you ____, you would have won.
The correct proverb is-
তােক একিদন অȴর ঔষধ Łখেত হয়।
____ the importance of zoos as tourist attractions, until recently there has been little research
to investigate the nature, attitudes and motivations of the zoo.
She was blessed ____ a son.
What is the meaning of the idiom “take to one’s heels.”
“A baker’s dozen” means-
Which one of the following sentence is correct.
The word ‘lexicography’ relates to-