Welcome to your English grammar-1

She did not let me ____ what she was painting.
Which one is correct?
Which one is correct?
Pick the correct part to fill in the gap of the following sentence:
Neither Rini nor Simi ____ qualified for this job.
Choose the correct passive form of: They pleased us all.
One of the sentences given is grammatically wrong.
Choose the wrong sentence.
She will discuss the issue with the officer ____ phone.
Choose the correct preposition in the sentence ‘He hankered ____ fame.
‘At a low ebb’ means-
We went to Rajshahi last month to see the house where we ____ in the 1960’s.
You had better ____ harder, or you will fail the test.
Which one is the correct form of indirect sentence- The boy said, “Let me do it.” The boy said
Which one in the following indicates equative to “X costs more than Y.”
Fill in the blank:
The ____ you worry, the better you are.
An antonym of ‘efficacy’ is:
Which pair of words is not synonymous?
Choose the correct spelling:
The noun of ‘please’ is-
Still waters run deep. ‘Still’ is-