What To Do on Weekend To Be More Productive All Week

For most of us it is not so easy to catch up with the work after the weekly holidays which actually ends with the fun and freedom.

Even though someone loves his job, the angst of having to go back on regular work routine can make someone disorganized and put into trouble the whole day.It is explained by Richard Citrin, Ph.D., MBA, an organizational and consulting psychologist and author of “The Resilience Advantage.” And then one needs to spend the rest of the week playing catch up.

The work week will start whether someone like it or not. The adaption of some smart habits on the weekend days will set up one for a brighter, more efficient work week without really cutting into weekend rest and recreation time.

Here are some Tips and Tricks

Steal an Hour to Get Organized

Watching TV or a sports marathon ? Besides organizing the TODO things in the calendar app in your mobile or tablet.Trust me ,it will pay off. “Taking no more than an hour out from your Sunday to anticipate the week ahead and get organized will help you free up head space and reduce worry,” says Christine M. Allen, Ph.D., a psychologist, executive and coach. Use the calendar app,the emails and a notepad to make to-do list prioritizing the tasks which should be done first as the day starts.Rather than keeping the annoying chores for the last minute it should be done earlier on the weekend day. The load of laundry,the next week’s meal even deciding the work cloths all these help out someone to save times and coast through of the rest weekend.

Fill Your Plate With Healthy Food

Consuming rich, heavy food and alcohol on Sunday will sink you into a food coma that can leave you lethargic on Monday morning, explains Debra Nessel, RDN, CDE, a registered dietitian with Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Torrance, California.So,even it is the weekend you should maintain a proper diet.It is a combinations of three things which are delicious and each containing lean protein and complex carbs, delicious meals on Sunday and lots of high-fiber fruits and vegetables to aid digestion and leave you feeling full.alcohol is dehydrating which brings mental fog and sluggishness that intensifies stress .So in spite of having the cocktails fill your glass with plenty water.

Add Meaning to the Day

There would be no judgement if someone prefer spending sunday afternoon watching “Game of Thrones.” However the monday would be more energetic if someone pass the sunday doing something which is personally fulfilling-like going on nature hike or walking shelter dogs.Also you can plan a yoga session with friends or volunteering the community .These lends meaning to that day and resets one’s mental and spiritual batteries which makes more accomplished and inspired.

Concentrate on the Positive

A monday can be dreading because of a rough commute or crabby coworkers. Do not focus on these negative things .Instead,focus on something positive that may happen when you come to office . It can be that you have crack a new deal with a fresh idea or atleast get caught up on weekend gossip.Sometimes it happens that one does not likes his works these days.Then he should spend some time thinking what could help to enjoy the work more.Try recalling those days when you looked forward to your job and all the hard work it took to move up in your career. Ask yourself questions what is the reason that changed to this feeling.In the mean time also focus on the good thing of the job such as the salary, the occasional chance to travel or the officemates who never fail to crack you up.

Have Some Old-School Fun

You can play the old school days games ,invite friends and pull out the monopoly boards or poker or suggest a game of H-O-R-S-E with your kids. The founder of RegainYourTime.com and author of “Personal Productivity Secrets ,Maura Thomas explains,“Games, hobbies and creative activities stimulate creative thinking, encourage single-tasking, clear your mind and improve your confidence”. A study published in Research in Organizational Behavior also says that Playing computer games, sports and other activities that promote fun are also linked to improved creativity.And these are the qualities that makes you feeling fresh on the day of work.These are not the works on the weekend but by these fun activities different parts of the brain stays active.

Set Yourself Up for Quality Sleep

Maybe it is your weekend so you would love to spend the whole night watching movie or chilling with friends .However a good night sleep is really necessary for a perfect starts on monday. It helps handles stress, puts more optimistic and energized.To prep for the shuteye you need on Sunday, try eating healthy, not-heavy meals and finishing your last meal two-and-a-half hours before you plan on turning in so the digestive process is underway, says Michael Breus, Ph.D., a sleep specialist and author of “The Power of When.” And others tips include getting involved in decent physical activity which will help improving sleep quality.

যোগাশ্রয়ী প্রোগ্রোম

হ্যাল া বন্ধুরা, আশাকরর ভাল া আল া সবাই ! গরিলের আলরা একটি পলবেতোমালের জানাই স্বাগেম ।
আজ আমালের রবষয় হ্ল া ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রারমিং! এ রকন্তু গোনুগরেক ধারার তকার িং নয় বন্ধুরা ! নাম
তরাগ্রারমিং হ্ল ও এর তেহ্ারা রকন্তু রভন্ন! েলব েল া আর তেরর না কলর শুরু করা াক…
সাধারিভালব সবেরনম্ন পররশ্রম বা রবরনয়ালগর রবরনমলয় সম্ভাবয সলবোচ্চ পররমাি মুনাফা রারি মানুষ মালেরই
সহ্জাে আকাক্ষা। বেে মান ুলগ রশল্পকারখানায় জটি উৎপােন বযবস্থায় কাোমা , শ্ররমক ও অনযানয
রজরনস আমরা বযবহ্ালরর মাধযলম সলবোচ্চ উৎপােন সম্ভব হ্লে পালর, ো একটা রবলশষ গুরুত্বপূিে
গলবষিার রবষয়। সবলক্ষলেই সবেরনম্ন রবরনলয়াগ কলর সলবোচ্চ মুনাফা অজে নই গলবষিার মূ ররেপােয।
এই গলবষিার ফল উদ্ভারবে মল বা গারিরেক পদ্ধরেলকই ব া হ্য় পগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রারমিং ।
রারশয়ার গরিেরবে L. v. Kantorovich,রবিংশ শোব্দীর েেুর্েেশলক রর্ম এই মল উদ্ভাবন
কলরন এবিং পলর George. B. Dantzig এর বযাপক উন্নরে সাধন কলরন । আজ আমরা
গরিলের এই রবস্ময়কর শাখা এই ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রাম রনলয়ই আল ােনা করব ।
রাি সম্পলের রভরিলে পরস্পর রনভে রশী কমেকাণ্ড হ্লে সবেরনম্ন শ্রম ও অর্েরবরনলয়াগ হ্লে সবোলপক্ষা
অনক মুনাফা অজে লনর পদ্ধরে বা তকৌশ লক Linear Programming ব া হ্য় । সাধারিভালব
Linear Programming একটি। গারিরেক তকৌশ ার সাহ্াল য সম্পলের সবোলপক্ষা অনুকূ
বণ্টন হ্লে মুনাফালক সলবোচ্চকরি বা উৎপােন বযয় সবেরনম্নকরি করা হ্য় । Linear ব লে তবাঝালনা
হ্য় ত তকান কমেকালণ্ড x ও y দুইটি উপালির ে ক হ্ল োলের সম্পকে একঘাে, ত মন
X+3Y≥ 17. কেকগুর রবকল্প কা েক্রলমর মলধয তকানটি অনুকূ ফ রসূো রনরূপি করাই
বেে মান ুলগ বারিরজযক বযবস্থায় কাাঁ োমা , শ্ররমক ও অনযানয সামগ্রীর স্বল্প বযবহ্ার অর্োৎ স্বল্প রবরনলয়াগ
কলর। সবোরধক উৎপােন বা মুনাফা অজে লনর জনয রনলম্নাক্ত রবষয়গুর খুব গুরুত্বপূিে…
(i) উৎপােনল াগয পলিযর কারক্ষে মান রনিেয়
(ii) উৎপােলনর ররেবন্ধকোসমূহ্ রনিেয়

(iii) সলবোচ্চ াভ অজে ন
(iv) উৎপােন ও বণ্টলন সমন্বয়
ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রাম এর মাধযলম উক্ত সক কা েক্রম রনয়মোরিকভালব সম্পােন কলর স্বল্প রবরনলয়ালগ
অরধক মুনাফা। অজে ন সম্ভব। োই আধুরনক উৎপােন ও বণ্টন বযবস্থায় ত াগাশ্রয়ী রাগ্রাম একটি অপররহ্া ে
আমরা জারন, ত াগাশ্রয়ী বা Linear Programming এক রকার আধুরনক ববজ্ঞারনক পদ্ধরে ার
সাহ্াল য গারিরেক ররক্রয়ায় সঠিক পররকল্পনার মাধযলম সবেরনম্ন রবরনলয়াগ কলর সলবোচ্চ মুনাফা অজে ন করা
ায়। ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রারমিং এ বযবহৃে উপািগুর র রনভে রোর রভরিলে উৎপন কেকগুর সমীকরি বা
অসমোর মাধযলম রেি শেে াবর লক ত াগাশ্রয়ী ফািংশলনর সলবোচ্চ বা সবেরনম্ন মান রনিেয় করা সম্ভব ।
য োগোশ্রয়ী যপ্রোগ্রোম এর ব্যব্হোর
সভযোর অগ্রগরের সলে Linear Programming বযবহ্ালরর সু াল গ ও তক্ষে বযাপকের হ্লে।
বেে মান সীরমে পররসলর আমরা তকব মাে কলয়কটি সহ্জ সমসযায় এর রলয়ালগর কর্া আত ােনা
(i) খোদ্য (Diet) সমসযো : একটি সুষম খালেয তকান রকালরর খােয উপাোন কেটুকু
রলয়াজন, রলেযক একক উপাোলন রক পররমাি পুরিকর খােয আল এবিং রলেযক
একলকর ম য কে ইেযারে উপাি জানা র্াকল , শরীলরর জনয রয়াল জনীয় নূযনেম
পুরি উপাোনরবরশি খাদ্ উৎপােলনর বযয় রকভালব সবেরনম্ন রাখা ায় এরূপ সমসযার
সমাধালন Linear Programming বযবহ্ার করা হ্য় ।
(ii) সব্বোপেক্ষো অনুকূল উৎেোদ্ন সমসযো : তকান রশল্প ররেষ্ঠালন সীরমে সক সম্পে,
র্া- ি, শ্রম, সময়, গুোমঘর ইেযারে বযবহ্ার কলর ঐ ররেষ্ঠান সবেরনম্ন উৎপােন
বযলয় ও সলবোচ্চ মুনাফা অজে লন কে একক উৎপােন করলব। ও রবক্রয় করলব ো
রনরূপলি Linear Programming বযবহ্ার করা হ্য় ।

(iii) েররব্হন সমসযো : এক বন্দর হ্লে অনয বন্দলর পিয পররবহ্লন এরূপ তরাগ্রারমিং
রলয়াজন ালে পররবহ্ন বযয় নূযনেম হ্লব, বাজালরর োরহ্ো পূরি হ্লব এবিং পিয
সরবরাহ্ পররমাি পিয উৎপােলনর পররমাি ার়িলয় ালব না এরূপ সমসযা সমাধালনও
Linear Programming বযবহ্ার করা হ্য় ।
য োগোশ্রয়ী যপ্রোগ্রোম এর সুরব্ধো
ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রালমর মূ ক্ষয নূযনেম রবরনলয়ালগর েক্ষ বযবহ্ার ও সলবোচ্চ মুনাফা অজে ন । রবষয়টি
রবরভন্ন কা েক্রলম রবভক্ত…
১। সীরমে পররমাি কাাঁ োমা , জনব ও ি েক্ষোর সলে র্াসম্ভব কম বযবহ্ার কলর উৎপােলনর
কারক্ষে পররমাি, গুিগে মান রনরিেকরি ও সবোরধক মুনাফা অজে ন ।
২। ভরবষযলে উৎপােনলক অরধকের াভজনক করার পররকল্পনা গ্রহ্লি দূরদৃরি ও েক্ষো বৃরদ্ধকরি ।
৩। কারিে ক্ষয অজে লন সক দৃশযমান ররেবন্ধকোর সলে পররেয় এবিং উৎপারেে পিয রবেরি ও
পলিযর রোর। বযবস্থায় নূযনেম বযয় রনরিেকরি ।
৪। সক অদৃশয এবিং অনাকারিে ররেবন্ধকো রেরিে কলর তসগুর দূরীকরলির বযবস্থা গ্রহ্ি ।
৫। রাি সম্পে, মূ ধন ও অনযানয সুরবধা-অসুরবধার কর্া রবলবেনা কলর ভরবষযলে উন্নে রসদ্ধান্ত গ্রহ্লির
মাধযলম অরধকের ালভর রলেিা গ্রহ্ি ।
য োগোশ্রয়ী যপ্রোগ্রোম এর গঠন
১। সমসযায় রেি উপাি হ্লে উলেশয ে ক রনবোেন কলর োর সালর্ সম্পরকে ে ে কগুর রেরিেকরি
২। উরেি ে কলক Z মলন কলর োর সলবোচ্চ বা সবেরনম্ন মান রনিেলয়র জনয োর সালর্ সম্পরকে ে
ে কদ্বলয় পররমািলক x, y গারিরেক রেীলক সূরেেকরি

৩। সমসযা সমাধালন সম্ভাবয রবকল্পগুর লক রনবোরেে ে কগুর র মাধযলম গারিরেক অলপক্ষক বা বররখক
সম্পকে আকালর রকাশকরি ।
৪। উৎপােনল াগয রবরভন্ন পলিযর পররমাি রনধোরি কলর ো হ্লে সবোরধক মুনাফা অজে লনর লক্ষয সবেরনম্ন
উৎপােন বযলয়র জনয মুনাফা, বযয় ও অনযানয ে লকর মলধয সম্পকে গারিরেক ফািংশলনর সাহ্াল য
৫। সম্পলের রাপযোর ররেবন্ধকগুর রেরিে কলর বররখক সমো বা অসমোরূলপ রকাশকরি ও
ত খরেেসমূলহ্র ত েরবন্দুহ্লে রারন্তক রবন্দুরনিেয়করি
য োগোশ্রয়ী যপ্রোগ্রোপমর শর্ব োব্রল
ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রালম রলয়াগ করার ত াগয সমসযার তক্ষলে রনম্নর রখে শেে গুর অবশযই পূরি করলে
১। সমসযার উলেশয অলপক্ষক ত মনঃ মুনাফা বা উৎপােন অবশযই র্াকলে হ্লব এবিং ো অনযানয
রসদ্ধান্ত ে লকর বররখক (linear) অলপক্ষক রহ্লসলব রকাশল াগয হ্লব ।
২। উৎপােলন রবকল্প কা েক্রম র্াকলে হ্লব, ত মন তকান পিয দুইটি পৃর্ক লির সাহ্াল য উৎপারেে
হ্লে পালর। এরূপ তক্ষলে দুইটি লির তকানটির সাহ্াল য রক পররমাি পিয উৎপারেে হ্লব ো রনিেয়
করলে হ্লব ।
৩। সক রসদ্ধান্ত ে ক এলক অপলরর সালর্ অবশযই সম্পরকে ে হ্লব এবিং তকান ে কই ঋিাত্মক হ্লব না
৪। সমসযার সমাধালন সম্পে অবশযই সীরমে হ্লব। তকান ররেষ্ঠান একারধক পিয উৎপােন করল ,
তসলক্ষলে। একটি অরধক উৎপােন হ্ল অপরটি কম উৎপােন হ্লব ালে দুইটি পলিযর উৎপােন বযয়
সম্পে অলপক্ষা অরধক না হ্য় ।
৫। বযবসা ররেষ্ঠালন রেি সম্পে ও সুল ালগর সীমাবদ্ধো ও শেে গুর একারধক অসমোর দ্বারা
রকাশল াগয হ্লব।

যলখরিপের সোহোপ য য োগোশ্রয়ী যপ্রোগ্রোপমর সমসযো সমোধোন ও প্রোন্তরব্ন্দু
ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রালমর মাধযলম সমসযা সমাধালনর পদ্ধরেগুর র মলধয ত খরেে পদ্ধরে সবলেলয় সহ্জ।
রদ্বমারেক ত খ। উপস্থাপলন দুটি ে কই বযবহ্ার করা হ্য়। দুইলয়র অরধক ে করবরশি সমসযার সমাধান
বেে মান আল ােনা বরহ্ভূেে ।
ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রালমর সাহ্াল য তকান সমসযালক দুইটি অজ্ঞাে রারশ সিংবর ে একগুে অসমোর মাধযলম
রকাশ করা হ্য় ালের সমাধান তসট কেগুর ক্রমলজা়ি। এই ক্রমলজা়িগুর র সীমা রনধোরক তরখাগুর র
ত েরবন্দুসমূহ্ রলেযলক একটি ক্রমলজা়ি, ালক রেি সমসযার সমাধালনর প্রোরন্তক রব্ন্দুব া হ্য় ।
তো বন্ধুরা আজ এটুকুই। আশাকরর তোমালের ত াগাশ্রয়ী তরাগ্রাম সম্পলকে নূনযেম ধারিা রেলে তপলরর ।
আগামীলে আবার তকালনা গরিলের মজাোর টরপক রনলয় হ্ারজর হ্লবা ! েলোরেন অবরে, “হ্যারপ ারনেিং”…

How to improve your English communication skill

You can’t help yourself using English words in your speeches if you know some while you are using your mother tongue. English is becoming the language of the world. In every sphere of life, we need English communication skill to cope up with the advancing world. Influence in English communication skill a basic requirement in job sectors.

You may have a good amount of vocabulary memorized but if you are not capable of sorting them well and arrange them in a sentence, they mean nothing. You may know all the grammar to continue a conversation still you may become speechless or incapable of carrying out the conversation in case of expressing yourself.

There are reasons behind your problems. Let’s not waste time introducing the reasons rather focus on what you need to do!


  • Slow down your speaking speed


May be you are a good speaker with enough speed but when it comes in the question of speaking in a foreign language, it’s obvious you will find problem unless you are good at it. While speaking in English, you may get nervous about thinking if you are being right or people in front of you are going to burst out laughing and try to finish your speech at once. No! That’s where you are mistaking. Don’t get nervous. Don’t count your audience and finish your speech slowly, with your heart. If you hurry, you’ll make mistakes. Don’t mumble; be clear. So, slow down.

  • Think before wording your thought

Well, you may think that, the people with whom you are talking with might get bored if you talk slowly. Wrong! People like thoughtful conversation. Take your time. Talk fluently but with a little bit duration. Set your mind up about your thought and gradually word them. While answering you may repeat the question and at first without answering the question you may give a view of yourself about the topic.

  • Be good at using Fixed or Set phrases

Fixed or set phrases are phrases whose words are usually fixed in a certain order. They may be verb patterns, idioms, phrases, collocations – basically anything we say in a patterned way. This use will help you to let your communication make more interesting to others. You’ll be able to talk more frequently and attract others and your writings will be able to maintain a standard category. Some of the set of phrases are:

  • During the day
  • According to…
  • Understand the fact that…
  • In the meantime
  • On the other hand
  • It’s been a long time since
  • Sorry to bother/trouble you, but…
  • Oh, come on!
  • Let me think for a second
  • Find a native English speaker

In certain areas it’s very difficult to find a native English speaker, but it’s the best and easiest way to improve your English communication skill. This is the most effective one too. You’ll get the actual flavor of English, how to choose words, how to arrange them – these will be easier to you. If you find a tourist you may offer them to a dinner or to language exchange.

  • Learn by sentences, not just words

Here’s the point. You may have a good vocabulary, but that ain’t going to help you are not capable of arranging them in an effective sequence. So, when you are learning a new word, learn a few uses of that particular word in sentences. Believe me, if you just learn the meaning of a word, one day you will definitely forget the meaning. But while you learn the uses of the same word at the time of knowing the meaning, there will be an image in your brain.

  • Learn the melody of English

The melody of English – lilt, prosody, sing-songy-ness of it. If you can speak English thoroughly but sound like a robot; your communication skill in English is not satisfied. You need to learn when and how you should utter different words with different necessity. You should express your inner motion by using your vocal cord in different frequency. You need to pressurize while it’s necessary, you need to make sure that your communication perfectly reflects the uses of punctuation mark.

  • Listen carefully

When communicating in a foreign language, you might be so focused on your own speaking if you are being right or wrong while you forget to listen to others what they are saying. You are on a wrong track. Listen to others. If you just focus on your speaking only, may be you start talking irrelevant things while your previous speaker changed the topic but you are still on the last track. That would be so ashamed for you. Again listening to others, you’ll be acknowledged of different types of ways to express yourself. Again you may record yourself to check your own influence.

  • Learn all forms of sentences

You should not be keeping yourself closed to practicing only assertive sentences rather than keep practicing all forms of sentences. A conversation, it’s at least consisted f two person, if you don’t ask question to your partner and like he/she talks all the time – that shows not only your unwillingness but also you are being rude with him/her. So learn different types of sentences.

  • Practice English at home

This can play the most vital role to improve your English communication skill as if you just English in your office and classes and while get back to your home, you revert to your native tongue – this will hinder you while practicing English in home will make it easier for you. Talk to yourself in English, watch English movies, listen to English songs – news and even you can try to copy native English speaker by just yourself.

  • Practice and practice and innovate

English is spreading with great speed. And you are not supposed to be lacking behind. While speaking – feel free to use new method of communicating; that might not be as exact as to the grammar but if it sounds cool/smart enough and is able to express your feeling in a good way – that’s totally ok.

  • Write everyday

You need to gear up your writing skill too. For this purpose you need to write anything every day. While you start writing, you’ll be able to know about your lacking in vocabulary and not only that you’ll be good at your spelling too. So write anything – article, blog, emails etc.

  • Add phrases to your vocabulary

If you communicate just like a nine years old, whatever your topic is and how much they correct are – you’ll be treated as a nine years old. The difference between a nine years old English speaker and a well English communicator is in the vocabulary. You can enrich your vocabulary by adding new phrases gradually. Phrases sound good, looks smarter – so learn to use them.

  • Don’t neglect anything

Along with get used to with fluent English, you need to maintain the smallest stuffs of grammar – punctuation, capital letters etc. You may have a good knowledge and are fluent in English but if you neglect those smallest stuffs – your English won’t be sound enough.

  • Always make sure your writing is correct

Well, you can’t modify what you’ve just said right now. At best you can rephrase them. But in writing, you’ve got the chance to review it and make them correct. If you do so, your confidence will be increased. Before finishing anything written, go through it again to find out whether there is any flaw or not. Ensure your writing as a mistake free one.


  • Let your hesitance go

As a non-native English user there will be mistakes in the first phases but you’ll be able to recover them gradually. But you need to stand up and speak in English; you need to take the pen, write something and show it to others – no matters what they think of you. Believe me, as you are a pioneer, no one will laugh at you if you make any mistake; on the other hand they will applaud you for having the courage, at least you’ve tried. That’s the starting, someday you will be speaking English for hours and you audience is gonna listen to you with huge clapping!

  • Read, Read and Read

You need to read a lot of English articles to get the vocabulary enriched and while reading you’ll be getting in touch with the different uses of same word. You may read news papers, blogs, magazines, novels, English literatures etc which will also help you developing your thinking process and writing skill too.

  • Read out loud

While you are reading anything in English, if possible – read it loudly. By doing so you’ll be able to recover your lags in communication and will be able to know about which word you need to practice more to utter it in a perfect way. If you speak English with the tone of your mother tongue, that won’t gonna help you – so be careful about it.

  • Maintain gesture

While speaking with others and even to yourself, try to show your confidence with your body language. This helps you to be a good communicator in short time. While you’ll be confident in your speaking, people will be more attracted to you and you’ll be looking more comfortable in your English.

Things you can’t help but put down in your Resume

Things you can’t help but put down in your Resume

Contact Information:

Start from the top of the page leaving one inch margin on top. Include:

  • Official full name;

  • Complete address (both permanent and present if different);

  • Home phone number with area code, cell phone (if applicable) and work number only if appropriate to contact you there; And

  • Email address.

Make sure that the message on your answering machine and your email address are professional and appropriate for a potential employer.


  • Give your resume focus; tailor it to the position you are applying for;

  • Usually a single phrase expressing the specific type of employment you are seeking and/or the specific skills or abilities you want to use on the job.


  • List in reverse chronological order with the highest degree or education first;

  • Include university/college/school name and location, degree, date of graduation (or expected graduation), major, related coursework and possibly G.P.A;

  • May also include honors, awards, scholarships, dissertation and thesis topics;

  • List licenses earned or training certificates received.


  • Start with your most recent employment and work background;

  • Include full-time, part-time, seasonal, internships, co-op, or volunteer work;

  • Provide names and location of employers, dates of employment;

  • Describe your duties, responsibilities and accomplishments using short, powerful phrases beginning with action verbs. Quantify and qualify data with specific details and statistics whenever possible.

Additional Areas: Activities/Honors/Skills:

  • Enlist extracurricular activities that demonstrate skills, accomplishments and leadership, teamwork, self-management, organization;

  • Include computer skills and/or foreign languages;

  • Personal accomplishments (example: “financed 70 percent of college education”); And

  • Unique experiences such as travel to a foreign country, study abroad.


  • References and in some cases, portfolios or transcripts can be listed as “available upon request” if you have enough room at the bottom of the resume. Employers know that they can request this information so it is not necessary to include this phrase;

  • You should have a separate page for reference. Generally, this page will have the same heading as the resume and will list the name, title, employer, business mailing address and phone number of 3 to 5 academic or business references. Obtain permission from each reference before giving to a prospective employer and give each a copy of your resume.

Hints to keep in mind while searching job

Hints to keep in mind while searching job

  1. Make yourself a “Smack-in-the-Forehead” Obvious Fit

When you apply for a job via an online process, it’s very much usual that your resume will be first screened by an applicant tracking system and then (let, you’ve passed the first process) appear in front of human eyeballs. The first human being who review your resume is often of a lower level HR person who may not be able to find out all of the nuances of the post that you are applying for.

Thus you should make it very simple for both the computer and the human eyeballs to let them connect quickly their “Here’s what we’re looking for” to you “Here’s what you can walk through our doors and deliver”.


Get the job description and any available information you have on the position. Do the words and phrases for job description mirror you? Are your strengths showcasing in the areas that seem to be paramount of importance to the role? Line it up.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to Online Applications during your Job Search

You want the job search going on? Then, continue to rely solely on submitting online applications. Do you want to gear up? Don’t stop once you apply online for the position. Start finding people inside the company interest. Approach an internal interviewer if possible and ask a few questions.


By getting touched with people of the relative interest of the companies at which you want to work, you will instantly set yourself apart. Decision makers interview people who come recommended or by of a personal referral before they start sorting the resumes arrival by way of the application tracking system.

  1. Remember that your Resume (including your LinkedIn Profile) is not an Inert

Well, your resume is lovely; your LinkedIn profile is breathtaking. However, if they don’t position you as a direct match for a particular role that you are aiming for, don’t hesitate to modify the wording, switch around key terms and swap bullet points in and out. Neither your resume is an inert nor your LinkedIn profile. Treat them as living, breathing documents throughout your job search.


If you are a covert job seeker, remember to turn off your activity broadcasts (through privacy and settings) when you make edits to your LinkedIn profile. If your current boss or colleagues are connected with your LinkedIn profile, they may get suspicious about all the changes you are doing.

  1. If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You Rarely Exists

Understanding that more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their initial search tool, this is not an understatement. To be a professional, you need to not only be on LinkedIn, you need to be using that to your fulfill advantage. If a recruiter logs onto LinkedIn looking for someone in your geography, with expertise in what you do and you’re not there? Guess who they’re going to find and contact? Yes, that person’s name is “not you.”


If you figure out how to harness the power of no other social media tool for job search, figure out LinkedIn. It’s the best resources we have available today for career and job search networking, for finding people working at companies of interest and for positioning yourself to be found by a recruiter who has a relevant job opening.

  1. Thank your matters

Suppose, a candidate is placed into an engineering role with a company that manufactures packaging equipment. He is competing head-to-head with another engineer, having similar talents and wants the job just as badly. The first one sent a thoughtful, non-robotic ‘Thank you note’ to each person with whom he’d interviewed, within about two hours of leaving their offices. The later one sent nothing.

Guess why the first candidate got the job offer? Yes!! The thoughtful, non-robotic thank you notes. They sealed the deal for him, especially considering the other front-runner sent nothing.


Consider crafting, original, genuine thank you notes (one for each interviewer) the moment you get back to a computer, following the interview. The speed, with which you send the notes, and the quality, will make an impact.

Now, go forth and show your job search exactly who is the boss.



Have you heard the name of great warrior Alexandar? There is a popular saying of Alexandar that “Experience is the father of all things”. While you are searching a job one thing peep through your mind eyes that experience. Each and every company or organization hires an experienced employee.This seems to be the biggest issue for young adults transitioning into the workforce these days.

Is there any way to gain experience before entering the job. Ask yourself and search through internet. Only one solution will explore that internship. Expert says “You need the experience to get experience.” Today’s competitive world you have to fight every moment for securing the coveted position in a company. The employer in today’s labor market relies heavily on resumes that illustrate real-life experience. Take a moment and think about it. If you’re looking to gain experience, working as an intern is arguably the most advantageous plan of action.Some important aspects why work experience is important are:

  • Gain knowledge: Your academic studies can be enriched by the new perspectives, experience and commercial awareness that you gain while you are working in an industry environment
  • Develop key skills: A work placement provides the opportunity for you to develop key employability skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication and time management that graduate recruiters look for.
  • Explore different career options: A work placement will let you ‘try before you buy’ and often give you a taste of several different roles available within a company to give you new ideas about career options.
  • Secure a graduate job: A work placement will give you a competitive edge when it comes to applying for graduate jobs. Employers prefer graduates who have experience and it isn’t unheard of for an employer to offer a graduate role to students who have already completed a placement or internship with them.
  • Go global: As a student at Middlesex, you can undertake work experience anywhere in Mauritius – or even abroad through the Aiesec
  • Get paid while you study: Many placements can be well paid, an excellent way to fund the cost of your studies

According to a survey by the City & Guilds vocational training organization, and two-thirds of employers would be more likely to hire a young person with work experience over someone with none.Some quotation about the experience from the part is given below:

Karren Brady, LifeSkills ambassador

“Work experience is vitally important in helping young people make the difficult transition from school into work.

Ashok Vaswani, chief executive of corporate and personal banking at Barclays

“Work experience gives you an opportunity to find something you are really passionate about. It enables you to try different things, identify your strengths and discover what makes you happiest. Take full advantage of this. It can be tricky getting experience but don’t give up. Knock on doors, speak to friends and family. It only takes one person to believe in you. They could give you the experience to kick-start your career.”

Barry JhonsonExecutive director of Learning Partners

“If you were choosing between two candidates, you’d always take the one with work experience. Schools and universities, in general, don’t prepare young people for work.”

There is plenty of research to say why work experience is vital, says Tristram Hooley, professor of career education at Derby University. He believes work experience should be built into the education system from a relatively young age, even though short placements for 14 to 16-year-old pupils are no longer compulsory.

I really hope that through reading this that you’ll understand the relevance and importance of work experience.  Stay with us to know more about career tips.