Most of the times we heard that People are entering jobs and resigning those jobs. It is not because they didn’t like the company, the reason is they didn’t like that person whom we call manager, the one in the office who has the responsibility of managing everyone and everything. We all have heard it “People leave managers, not companies.”)

On this important and hot issue, Google has done some research that how should be a manager and what quality he or she should have for the improvement of the employee turnover, satisfaction, and performance.

Here are the 10 behaviors of Google’s best managers, along with some practical tips on how to develop these behaviors

1. Is a good coach

A good coach is not he who solve the problems within seconds as it comes. Rather he or she uses those problems as a weapon to train his team and make it a stronger one. And when it is a right time they share their insights so that the team can gain valuable experience throughout the whole way.

2. Empowers team and does not micromanage

Everyone has their own kinds of technique to do any kind of job or solving a problem. So nobody likes a micromanager. You may not be aware of the term “micromanager”. Let me clear it in a one sentence ,a micromanager is who wants to control every part of a situation, project, etc. in a way that may not be necessary On the contrary, A good team leader always give the member freedom, to explore new ideas, to experiment, and to develop (and adapt) their own working style.

In addition, great managers make sure their people have the tools and flexibility they need to do their jobs.

3. Creates an inclusive team environment, showing concern for success and well-being

The old proverb “ United we stand divided we fall’

So it is also necessary in the office environment. Thus the great managers make it a priority to build trust in their teams. So that they can rely on each other in the tough time of the company.

As Google puts it:

In a team with high psychological safety, the teammates feel safe to take risks around their team members. They also feel confident that no one on the team will embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or offering a new idea.

4. Is productive and results-oriented

A good team leader is a productive person . He knows about the team members strengths and weakness and what they are capable of . The manager uses emotional intelligence to motivate the people and help them realize their potential.

5. Is a good communicator–listens and shares information

A good leader has to be a good communicator. And a good communication starts with a great listener. This is the thing that enables understanding. He tries to share all the knowledge and informations that he has which can help the team to be more productive. They also share what they can, realizing transparency is beneficial for the team as a whole. They share sincere and specific praise, early and often. However, they also don’t hold back from giving necessary (negative) feedback–making sure to frame it in a way that is constructive and easy to learn from.

6. Supports career development and discusses performance

The great manager knows that everyone has their different kinds of ambitions . And so they all will not follow the same roads . He also doesn’t hold their people back for personal gain. Rather, they support team members and help them to reach their goals. Because ,Great managers are invested in their people.

7. Has a clear vision/strategy for the team

The leader let the team member know about the goal of the organization rather than keeping them in the dark .They are also careful to communicate “scope,” realistic expectations as to what specific actions are needed to execute a strategy, and each team member’s role in delivering.

8. Has key technical skills to help advise the team

The leader should have the widen knowledge and skilled about the work he is going to oversee. If an effective manager is brought into a new department, they take time in the beginning to familiarize themselves with their people’s everyday work and challenges. This earns them the respect of their team.

9. Collaborates across [the company]

Some managers create silos, running their teams with an “us versus them” mentality, competing against other teams within the company.Great managers have the ability to see the big picture, and work for the good of a company as a whole.

10. Is a strong decision maker

The Great managers always have to take the lead .They make the tough decisions, and also make sure everyone understands the reasons behind those decisions. Then they never backward from fulfilling those decisions. YES, It is so easy to find the quality of an effective manager for any company but hard to execute. However,  if we expect that the effective employee will not leave our company for the lacking of a manager and company do not face lose, then these qualities are needed to be trained in the leardes and thus the company will reach its desiring GOALS.

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